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Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

Health Benefits of Mountain Biking

April 24, 2018


Benefits of Mountain Biking 

    Many people prefer mountain biking over other sporting and recreation activities such as running or going to the gym because mountain biking can be more exciting and still has the health benefits. In fact, a lot of people have become more healthy by mountain biking even when their main focus was to have fun!  As a means of recreation, mountain biking is so engaging and thrilling that it lets you have fun while sweating, shaping up your body and building up your muscles. It also has the capabilities of keeping you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit. Not so many sporting activities have such a capacity as mountain biking!  Let’s check out the health benefits of mountain biking. Whenever you go out mountain biking, every tough section you encounter such as the lung-crushing and cholesterol burning climbs are almost instantly and generously rewarded by the breezy and refreshing descents you were anticipating. You also get to enjoy the beautiful view of nature as you ride along. Apart from the fun derived from this activity, you also get to build, strengthen and tone your muscles.  There are also the benefits of relief from stress and maybe even depression.  Mountain biking can even help maintain healthy  joints and build up healthy heart. 

Building, Strengthening and Toning Your Muscles

Mountain biking is a good way of building, toning, and strengthening your muscles. You get the maximum health benefits out of your workout when you ride regularly.  Although your whole body benefits from the exercise, mountain biking focuses more on strengthening the muscles on your legs, thighs, and buttocks.  A good way of improving your stamina is taking the bike out on rough terrain or in the hills. In addition, you will improve your body coordination because there can be unexpected bumps and other terrain you have to react to. 


Relieving Stress

Natural scenery such as green spaces and untamed environments are known to possess the power to change your mood and the general state of emotion. You can try and compare cycling within or around the city and cycling in open and natural areas and feel the difference. As you encounter the bustles and hustles of the city, you most often feel overwhelmed by stress. As you go about your daily activities which may include mentally demanding tasks such as studying, research and doing repetitive tasks, you will always get stressed.  This is the time when you need to take a break and hit the mountain trails. The pressure in you deflates hence relieving you of stress and improves your overall state of emotion.

Taking Care of Your Joints

Hitting the pavements hard while running or jogging can have a negative impact on your joints; especially your knees, ankles and hips. But you still need to work out and keep fit. Well, mountain biking presents you with an option of working out and keeping fit while being gentle on your joints. Especially if you are experiencing problems with your knees and other joints. As opposed to other recreational and sporting activities such as running, mountain biking is very gentle on your body especially when you have the correct mountain bike. A bike that is the right size for you, and suits your riding style, riding discipline and the kind of terrain you ride.

Building and Maintaining a Healthy Heart

   Like all other exercises and sports, mountain biking gets your heart pumping hard. Whenever you take on steep climbing, you exercise your cardiovascular system making it strong over time. This makes your heart stronger and much healthier. Since mountain biking gives you the much needed breezy recovery periods, it becomes fun and easier to do it again and again. This way you are able to work out more while enjoying yourself.  Whether you take mountain biking as a hobby, a sport or a recreational activity, it will take care of your health. It will build up, strengthen and tone your muscles, decrease your stress, be easy on your joints and help you build and maintain a healthy heart. When building your muscles, a perfect way of increasing your stamina is by riding on tough rough terrains. The beautiful scenery and natural environment where you ride your bike have the magic to ease the pressure built up in you as a result of hard work. Unlike running and jogging, mountain biking is very gentle on your joints especially if you have problematic knees and other joints. Finally, mountain biking is that kind of activity that encourages you to exercises more and harder hence building and maintaining a healthy heart.  For further reading check out another great article on the health benefits of mountain biking. We hope this article encourages you to hit the trail and get that heart pumping!  If you have any questions please feel free too leave us a comment and don’t forget to give us the Facebook and Google like!    



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