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The Benefits of using flat pedals when riding your Mountain Bike

The Benefits of using flat pedals when riding your Mountain Bike

April 24, 2018

  The Benefits of using flat pedals when riding your Mountain Bike  

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   As a cyclist, you may have come across and even cycled on different types of mountain bike pedals including the flat platform pedals, quill pedals, clip less pedals and magnetic pedals. Flat pedals which are also known as platform pedals are more traditional/old-fashioned pedals. They are usually made of rubber, metal or plastic. Flat pedals are still in use on many mountain bikes today. Although they are the older type, they still overshadow the other types of pedals in that they are universal and can be used effectively and efficiently on any bicycle, and for any kind of riding style and terrain. Flat pedals enable you to have a lot of confidence when training hence you can dare a lot of high-risk maneuvers. They provide you with feedback from the bike and allow you to adjust accordingly. They allow a lot of control in emergencies hence avoiding severe crashing. Flat pedals do not allow you to cheat when doing jumps hence you can train in the correct manner. 


More Confidence and Less Fear (just a little less)

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   When riding on flat pedals, you can easily take your feet off the pedals quickly. Therefore, riding on technical sections and learning important skills such as track standing is much easier. It is very common for cross-country cyclists to ride clipped in. However, the ability to put your foot down at will gives you the confidence to try more technical sections and new skills that you wouldn't have tried if you were clipped in. The ease to go on and off your pedals enables you to make hill starts very quickly and confidently. With flat pedals, you will experience less fear which will allow you to stay in your comfort zone and relax. We ride much better when fearless and relaxed since our muscles are less tensed.


More Feedback

   Flat pedals provide a lot of feedback from your riding which translates into an easy way of checking your riding style and technique. For example, when you are not attached to the pedals and you realize that your feet are bouncing all over the pedals, you will definitely know that you are riding stiff and relying too much on your suspension rather than using your body. Therefore, you can take action and be more relaxed and correct your technique and posture. This is very helpful especially when you are learning new skills and techniques.


Crashing...  OUCH...

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   There are situations when you can save yourself from crashing when you are riding on flat pedals. For example, when you are riding on flat pedals and you get out of control, you can quickly step out and bring your bike back into control.  Similarly, crashes that happen when you are on flats are less severe compared to the ones that happen when you are clipped in to your pedals.  Yes, some quick release pedals allow you to escape quickly but even I have come close to falling by not being able to remove my feet from the pedals.  

No Cheating

   Flat pedals will not allow you to cheat when doing tricks; especially those moves that involve lifting maneuvers such as the rear wheel lift, bunny hops, and dirt jumps. This is most important when you want to learn the skills with the correct techniques and posture. If you get used to riding on clip-less, magnetic or the quill pedals, you may not realize how much you cheat when doing even the simplest of jumps and maneuvers until you switch back to flat pedals. In addition, pulling up when clipped in requires more energy and can stiffen you up and throw you off balance.


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   Riding on flat pedals is all about safety, convenience, confidence, and less fear, getting more feedback from your riding, avoiding crash accidents, and zero tolerance to cheating. If you use your mountain bike for commuting or doing short rides around town and you get on and off your bike very often, you will find flat pedals to be the most convenient. With flat pedals, you can put on any type of shoes you want. Apart from just convenience, you will gain a lot when you ride on flat pedals. You will have more confidence and less fear which will allow you to push you practice to the very extreme. You will get more feedback from the bike and be able to adjust you riding posture, style and technique instantly. You will easily avoid crashing accidents and if you do crash, you will have a lot of control on how you land. And since flats will not allow you to cheat, you will be able to learn new techniques in the correct way. It is important to keep in mind that the attributes of flat pedals we have discussed above apply only to the mountain bike and not the road bike or any other type of bicycle.  You can get more information on the history and progression of the bike pedals which is pretty cool.  Here's the link.. bike pedals wiki. Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed our quick article on flat mountain bike pedals.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us at the phone number below or leave us a comment. Thank you!  

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