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Squirt Long Lasting Dry Bike Chain Lube 4oz.



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A Must Have for Every Cyclist! The Squirt Long Lasting Dry Bicycle Chain Lubricant 4oz. Is what every cyclist needs, A non messy long lasting bike dry lube that doesn't gather DIRT! The Squirt Long Lasting Dry Chain Lube prolongs the life of your bicycle's drivetrain by reducing friction and chain suck. The Squirt Chain Lube also improves shifting and reduces irritating dry chain noise. It's the first successful wax/water emulsion form that stays clean.

• Recommended Use: For All Bikes
• Keeps drivetrain cleaner for longer distances
• Reduces irritating dry chain noise
• Reduces Chainsuck
• Improves Shifting
• Reduces Friction
• Requires no degreasing
• Environmentally friendly
• Lubricant is not flammable
• 100% biodegradable

Size: 4 oz. Bottle
EAN/UPC: 6009685090003

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