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Birzman Wrench Extension



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The Birzman Wrench Extension increases leverage while working on stubborn or siezed pedal threads, etc. The Birzman Wrench Extension works seamlessly with the Birzman Chain Whip 9/10 Speed (BM11-ST-FWT02-K9/BM11-ST-FWT02-K10), Birzman Bottom Bracket Wrench (BM11-ST-BBW02-K), Birzman Freewheel Turner SHGS (BM11-ST-BBW02-KSH), Birzman Cartridge B.B. Wrench (BM11-ST-BBW02-KSC), Birzman Freewheel Turner CC (BM11-ST-BBW02-KCC), Birzman Pedal Wrench (BM11-ST-PDW02-K).

UPC: 4714247514645

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