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Shimano Dura-Ace ST-R9120 + BR-R9170 Disc Brake & Shifter/Lever Sti's Set



Shimano Dura Ace ST-R9120 / BR-R9170 Hydraulic Disc Brakes & Dual Control Shifter/Lever Sti's Set. There was never more braking performance.
A completely new level of reliability and braking performance is achieved with Dura Ace disc brakes. Even under challenging weather conditions, the rider can set maximum trust in braking performance. Thanks to the flat mount construction, the BR-R9170 hydraulic disc brake caliper is mounted direct to the frame, giving it a flat profile and higher efficiency. The heat dissipation is greatly improved and this gives the rider stable braking performance throughout the entire ride. Pre-bled Caliper, Brake lever, and Pre-Bled hose.

Application: Road, Cyclocross
Brake Type: disc brake, hydraulic
Mount: flat mount
Hydraulic Fluid: Shimano mineral oil
Cable Length: 1000 mm (front) / 1700 mm (rear)

Technical Information - Lever:
Shift Lever Material: resin, steel
Brake Lever Material: CFRP, painted
Body Material: CFRP
Gearing: 2-speed, 11-speed
Type: dual control (STI)
Shift Levers: mechanical
Brake Levers: hydraulic
Handlebar Diameter: 23.8 “ 24.2 mm
Shifter Cable: stainless steel, polymer coated
Housing: OT-SP41
Compatible Rear Derailleur: road 11-speed RD
Reach Adjust: yes, tools required
Contact Point Adjust: yes
Brake Hose: SM-BH59-JK-SS
Bleeding Tool: funnel (with adapter Y-0C698050 for ST-R9120)
Technology: Servo Wave

Technical Information - Caliper:
Material: aluminium, painted, steel bolt (4 mm)
Construction: 2-piece
Brake Piston: 2 pistons (ceramic)
Brake Pads: L02A resin with cooling fins
Recommended Rotor: SM-RT900 (front 140/160mm, rear 140 mm (160 mm optional with adapter))
One Way Bleeding: yes
Technology: Ice-Tech
Rotors sold separately

Shimano Item # UPC
IR9120DLF4SA10A 689228892064
IR9120DRRDSA17A 689228892033

Servo Wave
When you pull a servo wave brake lever initial pad travel is fast, so little lever movement is needed to bring the pads into contact with the rotor. The power multiplication factor then increases rapidly at the pad-to-rim contact so more of the lever stroke is used to apply greater braking power with improved control.

One Way Bleeding
One way bleeding was developed for quick and easy prevention of air in Shimanos hydraulic system. Shimano has streamlined the oil route throughout the system to prevent air bubbles from being captured in the system. One way oil routing plus a funnel tool with mineral oil provides an easy and clean bleeding system.

The fade, which can occur to rotor and pad when braking on a long downhill ride for instance, has a negative impact on the braking performance. Shimano has adopted Ice Technology rotors and Ice Technology pads to realize the cooling technology for consistent performance. The rotor blade, which has a 3 layer-sandwich structure of stainless steel, aluminium and stainless steel, provides better radiation performance achieving from 400 °C to 300°C surface temperature. Also, the radiation fin has been adopted for the pad. Moreover, the rotor blade and the radiator fin provide long pad life, less noise, less fade and are lightweight.
XTR, Saint, Deore XT, SLX, Zee, Deore LX calipers are bundled with Ice Technology pistons in order to achieve optimized lightweight, high rigidity and heat dissipation. Oversized pistons transfer hydraulic power directly to the brake pad, and ceramic material is used to avoid heat transfer for constant stable braking, providing efficient stopping power transfer without loss.

- 2 x Shimano Dura Ace BR-R9170 + ST-R9120, front and rear disc brakes
- 1 x Shimano SM-BH59-JK-SS 1000 mm brake cable (front)
- 1 x Shimano SM-BH59-JK-SS 1700 mm brake cable (rear)
- 2 pair of Shimano L02A brake pads
- 1 x adapter for 160 mm rotors (front only)
- 2 hose connecting bolt units
- 2 x type A caliper bolts (front only)
- 2 x caliper bolts for 25 mm frame diameter (rear only)
- incl. Shimano TL-BH61 assembly tool
- incl. Shifter cable
- incl. Cable housing
- incl. Ferrules
- bolt for 10/15/20/30/35 mm frame diameter not included
- rotor not included

Original Shimano parts guarantees that all components work perfectly for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.

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