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Shimano SM-RTAD05 Disc Rotor Adapter CenterLock to 6-Bolt

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The Shimano SM RTAD05 Center Lock Disc Brake Rotor Adapter adapts standard 6 bolt rotors to Center-Lock hub. It's pretty straight forward It slides onto the centerlock mount on your hubs, leaving an interface to mount a six-bolt rotor. It includes a six-bolt washer, a lockring, and a circle clip to secure the conversion, and a standard Shimano lockring tool is all you need to install it. It's a home mechanic's job, but note that each kit only adapts one centerlock hub, so you'll need two for an entire bike. Color: Black

- 1 x Shimano SM-RTAD05 rotor adapter, 3-piece
- bolts included

Shimano Item # ESMRTAD05
UPC : 689228354678