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Shimano XTR BR M9120 Ice Tech Disc Brake

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Shimano XTR BR-M9120 Ice Tech Disc Brake w/ N04C Metal Pads w/Fin.
Extreme stopping power right at your fingertips. 30% less time lag and 10% more braking power “ figures that even a super hero would be proud of!
The Shimano XTR BR-M9120 hydraulic 4-piston disc brake with 2-finger brake lever, fits seamlessly into the line-up of the new XTR M9100 component group. Higher braking force with less effort on the fingers and extremely linear response to the lever movement.

Intended Use: MTB, Enduro, Trail
Group: XTR M9100
Model: BR-M9120
Brake type: Hydraulic
Brake lever: BL-M9120
Compatible with I-Spec EV shift levers
Lever length: 2-Finger
Reach adjustment: Yes, without tool
Caliper: BR-M9120 (4-Piston)
Brake mounting: Postmount 74mm
Brake pads: N04C Metal with Fin (Ice Tech)
Brake hose: SM-BH90-SBM
Brake hose lengths: front 1000mm / Rear 1700mm
Cable connection: Straight brake lever / Banjo caliper
One-Way bleeding: Yes
Brake fluid: Mineral oil
Weight: 385g
Color: Grey

Shimano Item #
Front IM9120JLFPNA100
UPC : 192790443003

Rear IM9120JRRXNA170
UPC : 192790443034

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