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Chromag Overture Cromoly Saddle



Chromag Overture Cromoly Saddle
Designed in collaboration with Brandon Semenuk, the Overture is used by more pros than any other slopestyle saddle.
Tailored to the needs of the slopestyle and dirt-jump rider
Overture is grip-able, pinch-able, yet slim and easy to move around for all the tricks
Brandon's design features a silicone print pinch area with subtle flares in the rearward body to compliment leg-pinch and no-hand tricks.
A lot of people also run this on their DH rig.

Size: 243 x 136mm
Weight: 279g
Gender: Unisex
Rail Material: Cromoly

Black/Black • 130-009-72
Upc: 826974033246

Black/Blue • 130-009-73
Upc: 826974033253

Black/Red • 130-009-76
Upc: 826974033284

Rawhide/Black • 130-009-77
Upc: 826974033291

Black/Orange • 130-009-74
Upc: 826974033260

Black/Purple • 130-009-75
Upc: 826974033277

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