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SunRace TSM21 Twist Shifter



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SunRace TSM21 Twist Shifter
Sunrace replacement twist shifters
Shimano/Sram MRX compatible pull ratio
Available in Friction, 3,5,6,7, and 8 speed options

• Cable Adjuster
• Light Action Shift - Both Directions
• TPR Grip
• Galvanized Cable
• Weight - 90g
• 2 To 1 Ratio

Weight: 90g
Color: Black
Model: TSM21

3-Speed Front Left • TSM21.L30S.GS0.HP
Upc: 4710944249071

2/3-Speed Friction Front Left • TSM21.L00S.GS0.HP
Upc: 4710944250190

5-Speed Rear Right • TSM21.R50S.GS0.HP
Upc: 4710944250183

6-Speed Rear Right • TSM21.R60S.GS0.HP
Upc: 4710944249019

7-Speed Rear Right • TSM21.R70S.GS0.HP
Upc: 4710944249026

8-Speed Rear Right • TSM21.R80S.GS0.HP
Upc: 4710944250206

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