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Terry Womens Raven Saddle

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Terry Saddles


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Terry Women's Raven Saddle. Our all-new Raven saddle was designed using the latest in vacuum molding technology, allowing for a sleek, seam free contact surface and clean integration with the saddle’s substrate area. No chafing, no hot spots. It has a narrow profile with dropped nose shaping in front that eliminates pressure, and a flat rear that supports your sit bones. We’ve also achieved the perfect balance of foam padding with ergonomic relief channel, making it a very comfortable option for those looking to minimize bulk.

The Raven is a slightly longer saddle, giving you more fore-aft positioning range on the bike and it comes with a smooth, matte-black Dura-tek synthetic cover. The hollow CR-MO rails offer weight savings without sacrificing strength.

Length x Width: 265mm x 150mm
Weight: 275 g / 9.7 oz
Rails: Cr-mo
Cover/features: smooth matte-black Dura-tek
Color: Black

UPC code : 666953422971
Manufacturer # : 21035000