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2018 KS KindShock LEV DX Suspension Seatpost w/Remote (CLOSEOUT)

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This item does not qualify for additional discounts

KS Suspension


KS Kindshock LEV DX Dropper Seatpost began life as an OE-only product at a price point more suited for being equipped on box-stock factory bikes;
yet the feature list was so long that even this price conscious model beat our competitors in almost every way. So, by popular demand, LEV DX is offered as an aftermarket product bringing all the performance and technology of LEV at a
lower price. LEV DX does not cut corners. Like LEV, it uses the same air sprung pneumatic cartridge, zero-movement cable technology and robust construction but does away with the titanium bolts, carbon fiber bits and gram-counting cable system
in favor of delivering the core features at a price that blows the competition out of the water.

4718287317266 Manufacturer # : 2017 LEV DX 30.9X150
4718287317235 Manufacturer # : 2017 LEV DX 30.9X125
4718287317242 Manufacturer # : 2017 LEV DX 31.6X125