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KS Kind Shock Eten Dropper Seatpost

KS Suspension


KS Kind Shock Eten Dropper Seatpost For those needing a basic dropper post that gets the job done without worry or hassle, the Eten is the ideal model. Made from robust alloy mast and steel stanchion with a factory-sealed air spring hydraulic cartridge, the Etens lever actuated design is easy to install and simple to use.

Model: ETEN
Color: Black
Weight: 609g
Material: Aluminum
Setback: 20mm
Type: Dropper Suspension Seatpost
Cable Routing: External
Lever operated
Factory sealed air sprung hydraulic cartridge
Patented one-way roller clutch bearing

300/65mm                173mm                  620g
410/100mm              245mm                  670g
325/75mm                189mm                  625g
385/100mm              224mm                  632g
445/125mm              261mm                  690g

27.2 x 410 x 100mm UPC code : 4718022311863
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 27.2X100

30.9 x 325 x 75mm UPC code : 4718022311917
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 30.9X75

31.6 x 325 x 75mm UPC code : 4718022311924
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 31.6X75

30.9 x 385 x 100mm UPC code : 4718022311870
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 30.9X100

31.6 x 385 x 100mm UPC code : 4718022311887
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 31.6X100

30.9 x 445 x 125mm UPC code : 4718022311894
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 30.9X125

31.6 x 445 x 125mm UPC code : 4718022311900
Manufacturer # : 2019 ETEN 31.6X125

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