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2020 Marzocchi Z1 Bomber 27.5in Black Suspension Fork

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In 1997, the Marzocchi Bomber Z1 burst onto the scene and bucked all contemporary trends. The Z1 brought oil, coils and massive stanchions - it unapologetically prioritized grip and ride quality over just about everything else. The return of Z1 brings back these same priorities in a 36mm chassis with a super plush air spring and proven FIT GRIP damper.

Inspired by moto fork damping systems, the award winning GRIP damper uses our sealed cartridge technology combined with a coil-sprung, internal floating piston. The system allows excess oil to purge through a specially designed port at the top of the damper to maintain consistent damping and increase durability. GRIP provides Open and Firm modes with additional sweep adjust between settings.

A more linear spring curve gives FLOAT EVOL forks and shocks plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support, and more tunable bottom-out progression. The FLOAT EVOL air spring system features positive and negative air springs that automatically equalize during use to give each rider the right pressure balance. The progressiveness of the spring curve can be adjusted via air volume spacers, allowing riders to fine-tune the feel of the air spring.

Air Preload - Lockout - Rebound

Chassis: 36 mm
Travel Options: 150mm, 160mm, 170mm, 180mm
Wheel: 27.5"
Axle: 15QRx110
Damping: GRIP (compression+rebound)
Steerer: 1.5 Tapered Aluminum
Stanchions: Ø36 mm Black Anodized
Rake: 44 mm
Color: Matte Black

150mm Grip 15x110 Tapered 44mm • 912-01-055 • 0611056140109
160mm Grip 15x110 Tapered 44mm • 912-01-056 • 0611056140093
170mm Grip 15x110 Tapered 44mm • 912-01-057 • 0611056140086
180mm Grip 15x110 Tapered 44mm • 912-01-058 • 0611056140062

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