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2020 Fox Factory 32 Float SC Fork 29" Fit4 2-Pos Remote Tapered

Fox Racing Shox


2020 Fox Factory 32 Float SC Fork 29er Fit4 2-Pos Remote w/Adjust Kabolt 15mm Tapered. Once again top model from FOX for cross-country and marathon use the FOX 34 Step-Cast forks, the fork crown was completely redesigned for the model year 2020.
32 mm stanchions with friction-reduced KASHIMA coating, exclusive SKF seals and the closed cartridge ensure sensitive response and long life.

The fourth generation of the patented and encapsulated FIT4 (FOX Isolated Technology) cartridge system provides two on-the-run adjustable compression (open and fixed) positions to adapt to terrain conditions at all times. The Factory Series forks also feature a low-speed compression setting with 22 clicks in open mode, allowing the rider to fine-tune spring behavior to their liking.
The FIT4 cartridge silencer has been redesigned based on the award-winning HSC / LSC damper, so all forks now feature a significantly more powerful damper. This year, the FIT4 damper has been updated with an improved tuning that provides more sensitivity and yet firm grip.

Series: Factory
Chasis: Step Cast (SC)
Wheel Size: 29"
Travel: 100mm
Axle Type: 15mm Kabolt
Axle Width: 100mm / 110mm
Damper: Fit4
Adjustment: 2-Pos Remote 
Air Spring: Float
Upper Tube Finish: Kashima
Steerer: 1.5 Tapered
Color: Matte Black / Shinny Orange
Rake: 44mm / 51mm
Starting Weight 3.06 lb / 1387 g
Dual Cable Remote Lockout Included # 820-07-150
All 32 forks have adjustable air spring pressure and rebound adjust.

Fox Item #
Orange 100mm Tapered 15x110 Kabolt 44mm
Fox Item # 910-20-732
Upc: 0611056140925

Orange 100mm Tapered 15x110 Kabolt 51mm
Fox Item # 910-20-731
Upc: 0611056140932

Black 100mm Tapered 15x100 Kabolt 44mm
Fox Item # 910-20-736
Upc: 0611056140888

Black 100mm Tapered 15x110 Kabolt 44mm
Fox Item # 910-20-735
Upc: 0611056140895

Black 100mm Tapered 15x100 Kabolt 51mm
Fox Item # 910-20-734
Upc: 0611056140901

Black 100mm Tapered 15x110 Kabolt 51mm
Fox Item # 910-20-733
Upc: 0611056140918

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