Abus Numero 1300 Coil Combo Cable Lock



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The Abus Numero 1300 Coil Combo Cable Locks technology uses a 10mm strong, high quality and very flexible coil cable. PVC Coating helps to prevent damage to your bikes paint job. Two component moulded digits guarantee easy to operate even in the dark. Individually resettable combination lock with over 10,000 different codes to use. Good for securing entry level, and is very suitable as a second lock for securing components. Coil cable locks offer a compact transport size, by rolling the coil cable around the saddle post. Great protection at low theft risk, recommended for securing entry level bicycles, and childrens bikes.


Length: 150cm (59")

Diameter: 10mm flexible coil

Security Level: Standard level 4

Color: Black

UPC: 4003318516115