American Classic Disc 130 Front Hub (CLOSEOUT)

American Classic


The American Classic Disc 130 Front Hub is one of the lightest disc specific front hubs around without sacrificing stiffness and durability. Large 17mm front axle and stout 17mm stainless steel bearings resist fork flex.The hub shell is forged out of one solid piece of aluminum. Built-in stand offs on the disc mounts allow the rotor to mount flat and prevent warping while tightening. 3.5mm thick flanges for added strength. Patented bearing sleeve technology for easy adjustability and improved bearing life. Serrated steel end caps to securely grip the fork. Double seal system to keep grit and dirt out of the bearings. The American Classic Disc 130 Front Hub has been thoroughly tested and carefully engineered to produce a front disc hub that is built to last.


Hole: 32h

Axle: 9mm QR

Disc Mount: 6-bolt Rotor Mount

Bearings: 6803C3 Stainless Steel

Weight: 130g