Blackburn 2'FER USB Head/Tail Light



"Two birds with one stone" The Blackburn 2fer bike light does just that. The innovative design by blackburn allows you to use the blackburn 2fer bike light on the front or rear. While mounted on the front, the 2fer can output a solid bright white light or flashing mode with outputs of 60 lumens. Same goes for the rear, when mounted the blackburn 2'fer light outputs a solid red or flashing modes. It can be used as either a front or rear light thanks to multiple modes, and alerts you to low battery with an LED indicator.


Use: Mountain/ Road Cycling
Bulb Type: LED
Max Light Output (Lumens): 60
Headlight Mounting: Handlebar and helmet
Taillight Mounting: Multiple locations
Battery Mount: Integrated
Rechargeable: Yes
Charge Time: 3 hours
Batteries: Lithium polymer
Integrated battery: Yes
Battery Life On High: 1.5 hours
Battery Life Flashing: 5 hours

UPC: 768686656743

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