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Box Two Tire 20"

Box Components


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Box Two 60 TPI Wire Bead Tires were engineered with a minimalist approach to hit lofty goals for weight, traction, rolling resistance, and rebound.

60 TPI High-Density Casing
High-Tensile Steel Wire Bead
High-Traction Directional Grooves for Starting Gate Grip Point
Low Rolling Resistance Center Strip Chevrons
Countless Ramped Hexagonal Directional Knobbies

Size: 20"
Color: Black
Bead: Wire
Tpi: 60
Weight: 325g (1.5) 360g (1.75) 440g (1.9)

20x1-1/8" BSD 451 • BX-TR2-2120118-BK
Upc: 616043834153

20x1-3/8" BSD 451• BX-TR2-2120138-BK
Upc: 616043834160

20x1.5" BSD 406 • BX-TR2-2120150-BK
Upc: 616043834177

20x1.75 BSD 406 • BX-TR2-2120175-BK
Upc: 616043834184

20x1.90 BSD 406 • BX-TR2-2120190-BK
Upc: 616043834191

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