Butter B1 Chain Keeper



Ready to clean your bike, or traveling away for the weekend? The Butter B1 Chain Keeper allows you to clean the drivetrain, by simply by snapping on the Butter B1 chain keeper into the drive side dropout, the B1 holds the chain and allows you to turn the cranks for a special cleaning. Ready to Travel? Install the Butter B1 to avoid your chain from rubbing on your frame when the bike is inside your travel case, or in the car.
Our mission with the b1 is to enhance your experience when it comes to cleaning or storing your bike by refining a pro mechanic staple into an elegant and highly functional accessory. We've taken a utilitarian tool and made it better in materials, feel, weight, and overall awesomeness. The design of the b1 performs solidly and its outstanding build quality ensures that it will never wear out or break. Machined from top-shelf materials such as billet aluminum, Delrin, and stainless steel, this chain keeper is virtually bomb-proof.

"Lifetime warranty" The b1 is American-made and hand assembled in Boulder, Colorado.

Butter B1 Chain Keeper

Compatibility Quick Release Dropouts

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