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Campagnolo Record EPS Front Derailleur 2x11 Braze On

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Campagnolo Record EPS Front Derailleur 2x11 Braze On. Automatic correction. Waterproof. 133g. In the lead-up to the new model year, Campagnolo spent a lot of time redesigning its three top mechanical groupsets, so the nigh-perfect shifting of the Record 11 EPS (Electronic Power Shift) Front Derailleur's smart, precise, and corrective operation remains unchanged. After all, this model took 20 years to develop, and it's the result of an R&D cycle that wasn't satisfied until the product matched the ever-evolving vision. So while we're sure there will be updates in the future, we're equally confident that Campy will take the time to make sure those updates are, in fact, improvements.

The Record 11 EPS Front Derailleur is a technological marvel. Like Campagnolo's Record 11 EPS Rear Derailleur, it operates on an electronic actuator comprised of a gear motor and an electronic sensor. Where it differs is in the details. The gear motor for the front derailleur's electronic actuator was developed with a Swiss company that manufactures electric motors for space missions to Mars, so it's not just space age — it's space worthy. Its high over-torque transmission results in precise, strong pulls, and the Magnetic Hall Sensor Resolver technology uses an internal sensor to automatically center the derailleur on the chain. It also communicates with the rear derailleur via the D.T.I. technology, which auto-trims the front to avoid chain rub, regardless of the gear combination.

Cable Pull EPS
FD Mount Type Braze-on
Color Black
Max Chainring 55T
Speed 2x11
Chainline 43.5mm
FD Weight 133g
FD Capacity 16T
Chainstay Angle 61-66

EAN: 8056734286618