CatEye HL-EL135N/Omni 3 TL-LD135 Combo



The CatEye HL-EL135N/Omni 3 TL-LD135 Combo is the top selling CatEye head-light / tail-light combination.

CatEye HL-EL135N Headlight
The HL-EL135 head-light has three LEDs and OptiCube lens technology for a wider, 150 candlepower beam with excellent visibility. With two AA batteries, the HL-EL135 headlight will run up to 80 hrs on constant mode and up to 320 hrs on flashing mode, making it the perfect everyday commuter safety light. Featuring our exclusive tool-free FlexTight mounting bracket that allows you to quickly and easily attach the HL-EL135 to virtually any handlebar.

CatEye TL-LD 135 Tail Light
The TL-LD135 tail-light features an awesome triple-LED performance at an economical price. The Omni 3 rear light tail provides 360 degrees of visibility and New Omni Directional Technology increases safety while three modes ~ rapid, flashing and constant ~ let you decide how flashy you want to be. Two AAA batteries provide up to 200 hours of run time. CatEye exclusive FlexTight bracket and included clothing clip allow you to mount the Omni 3 virtually anywhere you'd like.


LED Output 
Headlight: 150 Candlepower / 3 LEDs
TailLight: 3 5mm LEDs

Light Modes
Headlight: 2 Modes. Flashing / Constant
TailLight: 3 Modes. Rapid / Flashing / Constant

Burn time
Headlight: Up to 320 hours
TailLight: Up to 200 hours (flash)

Headlight: Tool-Free FlexTight Mounting Bracket
TailLight: Tool-Free FlexTight Mounting Bracket

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