CatEye Jido HL-AU230 Headlight



Enjoy automatic safety with the CatEye Jido HL-AU230 Headlight. Five 5mm white LEDs (250 candle power) turn on automatically whenever darkness and motion are detected and will stay on for 40 seconds after you've stopped riding. Easily choose between auto and manual mode for additional safety options. 4 AA batteries power the CatEye Jido HL-AU230 Headlight for up to 60hrs in flashing mode. Constant mode provides 30hrs of runtime and a low battery indicator warns you when it's time to replace your batteries.


Run Time: Constant mode:30hrs, Flashing mode: 60hrs

Mount Type: Flex-Tight mounting bracket

Runs On: 4 AA Batteries

Weight: 183 grams (with bracket and battery)

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