Cateye Uno EL-010 LED Headlight



Never get caught without a light! The Cateye Uno EL-010 LED Headlight represents the perfect light for every day around-town commuting or for an emergency light for when you stay late at the cafe. The Cateye Uno EL-010 LED Headlight has evolved from a unit with multiple batteries and LEDs to a significantly smaller, highly efficient light. Uno. One battery. One LED. One bright light! Super compact design throws more than 400 candlepower with our OptiCube lens technology. One AA battery and one LED will run up to 60 hrs in flashing mode and up to 15 hrs in constant. Featuring water resistant construction and FlexTight tool-free mounting bracket that allows you to quickly and easily attach the Uno to virtually any handlebar.


Run Time: 15hrs Constant MOde, 60hrs Flashing Mode

Mount Type: Flex-Tight mounting bracket

Runs On: 1 AA Battery

Weight: 73 grams (with bracket and battery

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