Chris King ISO Disc Front Hub

Chris King


Months of design and testing went into the Chris King ISO Disc Front Hub.
During the development process, Chris King adapted their machines to use larger bar stock when they made the hub shells on the Chris King ISO Disc Front Hub. This manufacturing improvement allowed Chris King to increase the spoke flange diameter significantly. A larger spoke flange spreads the spoke holes away from each other. Also, you can use shorter spokes to build a more durable, stiffer and stronger wheel. Each Chris King ISO Disc Front Hub is meant to be on the road for miles and miles. Many manufacturers can create lightweight hubs that may not last, but Chris King offers a 5 year warranty. That is 5 years of hard riding, panic stops and all sorts of weather.

841529007831•9mm x 100 Black Manufacturer # : HBIF32B1A
841529054118•15mm x100 Black Manufacturer # : HBIF32B1I
841529007916•9mm x 100 Silver Manufacturer # : HBIF32S1A
841529054194•15mm x 100 Silver Manufacturer # : HBIF32S1I

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