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Chromag Format Lock On Grips

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Chromag's first single clamp grip for those who like to make use of the full width of their bars, allowing you to run your hands right up to the edge.
Some single clamp grips suffer from additional twisting, which is why Chromag designed the sleeve to snugly fit the bars towards the ends.
After examining wear patterns of grips that have been through the ringer, Chromag implemented several different patterns and zones into the format to deal with the different dynamics going on in each part of your hand.
Weight: 91g / pair

Length: 133mm
Type: Lock-On
Outer Diameter: 30mm

Black • 170-07-01
Upc: 826974021878

Blue • 170-07-03
Upc: 826974021984

Green • 170-07-04
Upc: 826974021991

Orange • 170-07-05
Upc: 826974022004

Purple • 170-07-06
Upc: 826974022011

Red • 170-07-02
Upc: 826974022028

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