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Ciclovation Premium Road Shifter ViperLink Cable Set



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Ciclovation Premium Road Shifter ViperLink Cable Set is Super lightweight aluminum viperlinks are the ultimate Shift combination of durability and attention grabbing looks
Stainless steel stranded shift cable using Nano-slick surface polishing results in ultra low-friction shifting performance without the use of coatings that may wear off
Offer in sets of black links and includes 3 each of red, blue, green, orange, gold and silver that can be placed anywhere on the strand to allow for a customized accent

Outer Casing VIPERLINK 
2x 400mm w/ 500mm liner
1x 300mm w/ 400mm liner
Inner Cable Stainless-Nano Slick 1.1mm Cable (ISN 1.1mm)
Front: 1800mm
Rear: 2100mm
Parts 2 x Leve end segment, 4mm x 230mm, Black
4 x Link Adapter, Alloy/Black
2 x Open End Cap, Alloy/Black
6 x Casing Dounts, Black (pre-cut)
3 x Spare Link, Alloy/Blue
3 x Spare Link, Alloy/Green
3 x Spare Link, Alloy/Gold
3 x Spare Link, Alloy/Red
3 x Spare Link, Alloy/Silver
3 x Spare Link, Alloy/Orange
1 x Rotating Hook, Plastic Black
2 x Cable Tip 1.6mm, Alloy/Black

UPC code : 4713057601767
Manufacturer # : 3511.11101

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