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Clean Motion Beam Bug Front LED Headlight

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Clean Motion


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Clean Motion Beam Bug Lights, Available for Front or Rear. shines a super bright white LED light. Silicon body and tail that attaches almost any part of a bike, with 2 exposed LEDs for maximum brightness and safety.
Includes (2) CR2032 batteries

Color: Black,White, Red
Front/Rear/Pair: Front
Lens Color: Clear, or Red

544989765746White w/Red LED Manufacturer # : LBBT-4
544989765661White w/White LED Manufacturer # : LBBH-4
544989765739Black w/Red LED Manufacturer # : LBBT-3
544989765616Black w/White LED Manufacturer # : LBBH-1
544989765623Red w/Red LED Manufacturer # : LBBT-2



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