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Clif Shot Energy Gel Box of 24 1.2oz

Clif Bar


Clif Shot Energy Gel takes a streamlined approach to performance nutrition -- delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing. New formula, thinner consistency, updated flavors and sleeker packaging means getting energized between breaths has never been easier.
90% organic ingredients provide clean, all-natural performance for essential energy, hydration and fast muscle recovery
Provides quick energy during activity, thanks to the fast-acting organic maltodextrin, organic evaporated cane juice and essential electrolytes
Electrolyte blend of sodium, potassium, and magnesium helps prevent muscle cramps and loss of coordination
Caffeine is extracted from green tea to increase motivation, mental alertness and the burning of body fat as fuel (certain flavors only)
Litter Leash package is more streamlined with a smaller opening and rounded corners, making the process of opening, eating and disposing of a gel significantly easier than any other gel
Tear-tab remains attached to the bottom of the packet, eliminating road and trail litter
Primarily used by endurance athletes -- cyclists, runners, mountain bikers, triathletes, adventure racers, but any performance-oriented athlete needing a quick burst of energy can benefit from this gel
Chocolate, Vanilla, Razz flavors for quick energy
Strawberry and Citrus flavors for fat burning
Mocha flavor for mental focus
Double Expresso and Chocolate Cherry flavors for turbo charged performance

Clif Bar Shot Energy Gel Box of 24 1.2oz 34g
Activity During exercise
Kosher Yes
Servings 24 servings


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