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Cobra FlexRoute Universal Cable Guides



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Cobra Flex Route Universal Cable Guides
Dynamic Cable Support naturally form to and secures a wide range of cables
Recessed channel prevents any longitudinal rolling during use, keeping your cables where you want them
Flexible arms will form to virtually any frame and provide a secure mount that will never shift or scratch the frame
Simple installation does not require the removal of cables or housing, snap, zip and go!
Made from a durable rubber composite that is made for use with power tools, and in extreme temperatures and enviroments
Utilizes the lowest profile zip tie on the market

Use: Cable guide
Color: Black
Style: w/ ties

4-Pack • 1005
Upc: 860890000104

8-Pack • 1010
Upc: 860890000111

25-Pack • 1015
Upc: 860890000128

100-Pack 1020
Upc: 860890000135

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