Defeet Aireator 5'' D-Logo Double Cuff Socks



The Defeet Aireator 5'' D-Logo Double Cuff Sock is built by cyclists for cyclists. Born in 1992, the Aireator® is the first product that launched DeFeet® and today its still the workhorse of the DeFeet® line. The Aireator® is the undisputed, original airflow design and first sock with a open mesh-weave instep (hence the name). It was also the first design sock that was customized with a logo, colors, and text. Before the Aireator®, that simply wasn't done. It has been worn to victory in nearly every International cycle race. The Aireator® still leads in lightweight, durability, moisture wicking and air permeability. The Defeet Aireator 5'' D-Logo Double Cuff Socks features a 'Double-Cuff' which provides additional compression in the ankle zone. It's what we call 'Stay-Fast', meaning, it will not slip from the moment you pull them on, to the end of a long day in the saddle. The double-cuff also gives ample ankle coverage and feels slightly tighter compared to our single layer cuff design. Made from COOLMAX® EcoMade™, the eco-friendly polyester that comes from recycled plastic bottles.


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Medium: Mens(7-9), Womens (8.5-10.5)

Large: Mens (9.5-11.5), Womens (11-13)

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