Diamondback Knuckle Box Shock Pump w/ Gauge



Ensure that your fork and rear shocks have proper pressure with the Diamondback Bike Shock Pump before your next trail ride. This convenient shock pump is equipped with any easy-to-read gauge that inflates up to 300 PSI for accurate pressure adjustments to your suspension. Pump the nylon composite handle to increase pressure for rugged terrain. Its aluminum construction makes this Diamondback Pump light enough to keep in your bike bag.



-Suspension pump

-Designed for ensuring that your mountain bike shocks are properly inflated

-Equipped with an easy to read gauge for accurate pressure adjustments

-Compatible with Schrader valves

-Made with a lightweight aluminum head and 6" barrel

-6" swiveling rubber hose offers durability

-Nylon composite handle allows for efficient pumping

-Capacity: 300 PSI

-Weight: 200g

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