Diatech MX2 Brake Lever Right



The Diatech MX2 Brake Lever is designed for long arm canti brakes, and caliper brakes. Features aluminum diecast powdercoated bracket, and cold forged aluminum brake handle. 2mm reach adjustable leverage with two position settings "V" position for L.A.C.B (V brake, linear pull), and "N" position for caliper brakes.


Color: Powdercoated Black w/ Black finish handle

Intended Use: V-Brake, Linear Pull, BMX, Canti brakes, and Caliper brakes

Brake Lever Use: Right Side

Cable travel: Cable travel : 23.8mm (For L.A.C.B.) 15.0mm (For caliper brake)

Clamp Diameter: 22.2mm

Weight: 81g

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