Ergon GE1 Slim MTB Enduro Grips



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You like your grips thin? Then this is your grip! The GE1 Slim is a new size of the top selling GE1 grip offering a slimmer construction designed for those who prefer a smaller grip due to smaller hands, or just a personal preference. The GE1 Slim grips offer a yet more direct feel than the standard GE1. The GE1 is the first ergonomic rider orientated grip for use on wide handlebars found on today's gravity bikes and aggressive xc bikes. The design of the GE1 grips supports the popular elbows out downhill position. By turning the hand area of the grip by just 8%, the elbows are automatically put into the correct position. Sold in Pairs

A slimmer version of the popular and top-selling GE1
The design is maximized to be used on wide handlebars.
Two rubber compounds.
Textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand.
Lightweight inboard aluminum clamp.
Built-in handlebar plug.
Right and Left specific grips.
30mm average diameter
135mm length

Sold in Pairs
Color: Black
Length: 130mm
Weight: 99 grams
MFG. Part #
Black: 424 100 42
Green/Balck: 424 100 49
Black: 4260477060914