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Ergon GA2 All Mountain Series Grips

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The GA2 All-Mountain / Gravity grip has superb tactile feel thanks to a super-soft, UV stable rubber compound exclusively developed and manufactured in Germany for Ergon. The ergonomic shape requires less rider grip pressure while specific grip zones – matched to the shape of the hand – increase tactile feedback and traction. The inner construction varies in thickness to allow greater damping, which results in less ulna nerve stress and decreased arm pump. The inboard aluminum clamp allows even more grip area at the end of the bars. The gripset is lock-on and carbon bar friendly.

Clamp Color: Black
Grip Color: See Options
Model: GA2
Length: 135mm
Weight: 107g

4260477061089 • Black Manufacturer # : 42410090
4260012363067 • Blue Manufacturer # : 42410093
4260012363074 • Red Manufacturer # : 42410094
4260477061119 • Orange Manufacturer # : 42410096

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