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Finish Line Super Bike Wash

Finish Line


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Use Finish Line Super Bike Wash to quickly clean dirt, clay, road grime, chain soils, nutritional residues and winter storage grime off all surfaces of your bike with little to no scrubbing. Super Bike Wash™ uses state of the art, eco-friendly cleaning agents that work together to create a high speed cleaning system. Finish Line Super Bike Wash is non-toxic and meets the highest readily biodegradable standards. It can be safely used indoors or outdoors.

Finish Line Super Bike Wash can be used two ways: spray on and wipe off, or spray on and hose off. It is strong enough to remove surface grime off the drivetrain and safe enough to remove all the grime that builds up on the frame, saddle, brakes, and handlebar tape. Safe for carbon fiber, titainium, aluminum, steel, and clear coat.

Recommendation: Use Finish Line Super Bike Wash every second or third ride to keep your bicycle looking like new and to remove the contaminants that slowly but surely starts to degrade look and performance of a bicycle.


Size: 16oz, 33.8oz.

036121710047 • 16oz. Manufacturer # : SC0160101
036121620001 • 33.8oz. Manufacturer # : B00320101

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