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2020 FOX Performance Transfer Dropper Seatpost

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Fox Racing Shox


FOX Racing Shox Performance Transfer Dropper Hydraulic Suspension Seatposts 2020  Performance Series. Available in 30.9 or 31.6mm. 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and 175mm Travel Drop Options. Collar or Internal Routing.
The Transfer seatpost features an infinitely adjustable design with the choice of internal or external cable routing, three drop options, and two lever designs. Low lever force and great modulation make it easy to regulate return speed and small height adjustments.

Cable actuated with tool-free quick disconnect for easier installation and removal
Low lever force provides consistent actuation pressure even with saddle weighted or unweighted
Easy to modulate return speed with lever
Two remote options: left side below bar (for 1x) or left/right on bar (for 2x/3x) (Remote Sold Seperately)
30.9 or 31.6 diameter
Drop options: 4in (100 mm), 5in (125 mm), 6in (150 mm) 7in (175mm)
Upper Post Finish: Black Ano
Cable Route Options: Internal or external

30.9mm 100mm Collar Routing 361mm 925-01-102 611056142189
30.9mm 100mm Internal Routing 356mm 925-01-104 0611056142196
30.9mm 125mm Collar Routing 411mm 925-01-110 0611056142202
30.9mm 125mm Internal Routing 406mm 925-01-112 0611056142219
30.9mm 150mm Collar Routing 461mm 925-01-118 0611056142226
30.9mm 150mm Internal Routing 456mm 925-01-120 0611056142233
30.9mm 175mm Collar Routing 510mm 925-01-126 0611056170649
30.9mm 175mm Internal Routing 506mm 925-01-128 0611056170656

31.6mm 100mm Collar Routing 361mm 925-01-103 0611056142240
31.6mm 100mm Internal Routing 356mm 925-01-105 0611056142257
31.6mm 125mm Colar Routing 411mm 925-01-111 0611056142264
31.6mm 125mm Internal Routing 406mm 925-01-113 0611056142271
31.6mm 150mm Collar Routing 461mm 925-01-119 0611056142288
31.6mm 150mm Internal Routing 456mm 925-01-1210611056142295
31.6mm 175mm Collar Routing 510mm 925-01-127 0611056170663
31.6mm 175mm Internal Routing 506mm 925-01-129 0611056170670
**Due to manufacturer restrictions this product can only be shipped to US addresses**

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