Geax Sturdy TNT 26 x 2.25 Folding Tire



The Geax Sturdy TNT 29er Folding Tire is a timeless pattern featuring plenty of large, well spaced, square knobs, making it the ideal choice for a host of technical applications and rougher terrains. It's ''sturdy'' sidewalls and double compound tread make the tire descend like a downhill tire, but the single ply casing prevents it from climbing like one. Ideal in applications from aggressive XC to light freeride, the Geax Sturdy TNT 29er Folding Tire is a truly versatile, high performance, large blocked platform. This tire works with both standard and tubeless rims.

Double Compound (50-60-50 SHA) Sticky Soft compound on side knobs and ARAMID RACING 3D on the central ones. That's the best compromise you can get from both the compounds: cornering grip and braking performances keeping low the rolling resistance. Soft side knobs guarantee a strong bite in turns and excellent grip in all situations whilst the central (harder) compounds with aramidic particles makes for lower rolling resistance reducing wear and tear to acceptable levels. It's the ideal solution for racing tires.

TNT Technology Geax TNT technology allows to work on traditional rims with a tube, or tubeless rim with no tube.


Dimension: 26 x 2.25

Bead: Folding

Compound: TNT, Double Compound (50-60-50 SHA)

TPI: 120 TPI sidewall protection UST Tubeless Talon bead

Color: Black

Weight: 805g

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