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Hayes MX-2 / MX-3 / MX-4 / MX5 / Sole Disc Brake Pads Semi Metallic

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The Hayes MX2 / MX3 / MX4 / MX5 / Sole Disc Brake Pads are constructed of a mixture of an organic compound and sintered metallic. Quieter braking. Disc brakes can make noise in some conditions. This material eliminates, or reduces squeaks and squealing. Better modulation. This means you get a "softer" feel at the lever when you brake. Braking power is progressive and consistent throughout each stop. Provide a high level of stopping power. These brake pads are a perfect fit for your OE versions of Hayes brakes pads.


Compatibility: Fits 2004+ Hayes MX-2, MX-3, MX-4, MX-5, GX2 mechanical and 2005+ Sole hydraulic disc brakes.

Compound: Semi-Metallic

UPC: 844171035337

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