Hayes Replacement Disc Brake Rotor



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Hayes Replacement Disc Brake Rotor at a reasonable price. Hayes patented design slice through muck like nobody's business, leaving you with a cleaner brake path for more stopping power. Choose from standard round, V-cut steel rotors for optimum weight to performance ratio, or the new Hayes Mud Cutter Wavy Disc Rotor. The wavy rotor allows a high coefficient of friction while minimizing the amount of pad wear all while looking really sweet. Hayes patented design allows it to be cross country light and still take the heat of heavy downhill braking without warping. The Hayes Replacement disc brake rotor is compatible any 6-bolt IS disc hub. The Hayes replacement rotors work with all popular hydraulic, and cable actuated disc brakes. Sold Individually


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Includes: (6) T-25 rotor mounting bolts with thread retaining compound

Weight: 128g (round), 119g (V6), 144g (V7), 208g(V8), 114g (wavy)