Hutchinson Rep Air Tubeless Repair Kit



Hutchinson has redesigned its tubeless patch kit by replacing standard patch kit glue with special superglue which remains flexible and strong after setting. Available for both mountain and road bicycle tires. This new glue does not require the surface to be degreased or roughed with sand paper or other abrasive to adhere saving the casing threads from damage. Hutchinson Rep Air Tubeless Repair Kit.

Beyond the traditional use of this glue to bond a patch to the inside of a tubeless tire, Hutchinson's new glue acts as a quick on the trail fix for punctures of 1mm or less in length. By simply squeezing the puncture area from the outside of the tire to expose the hole, the glue can be injected into the puncture which will quickly set up and allow the tire to be re-inflated. Hutchinson Rep Air Tubeless Repair Kit.

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