Hutchinson Toro Air Light 27.5''/650B Folding Tire



The Hutchinson Toro is an excellent "all-around" tire that excels on a variety of terrain and conditions. UK magazine Singletrack recently called it the best tire to keep on your bicycle all year around. Available in a variety of tubed and tubeless versions, the Toro also has "Hardskin" and Race Riposte options. Hardskin is a puncture resistant aramid fabric barrier (breaker) that protects the casing (and the tube) from punctures. Race Riposte is a special compound that grips well yet has excellent wear capabilities. Toro tires up to 2.3 are two compound treads while 2.3 and wider tires offer a third harder compound under the tread that helps stabilize the knobs in DH conditions. The Hutchinson Toro Air Light 650B Folding Tire also features a "honeycomb" pattern sidewall for unique styling.

Air Light: A standard MTB tube type tire (i.e. with an inner tube) Air Light tires are standard tube required tires. They're not casing reinforced to reduce weight and deliver a good tire for light XC, training and recreational riding.


Dimensions: 27.5(650B) x 2.35 (57-584)

Bead: Folding

Compound: Dual compound Race Riposte

TPI: 66

Color: Black

Weight: 800g

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