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iClam by Fujita Japan Transform Your Phone Into a GoPro (CLOSEOUT)*

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iClam by Fujita Japan


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iClam by Fujita Japan Transform your Smartphone into an extreme Camera. Skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking or any action sport you want! iClam is a revolutionary action sports case that turns your smartphone into an extreme sport camera leaving your hands free to enjoy your activities. iClam protects your Smartphone from any extreme environment including under water up to 30 feet. iClam can be mounted on multiple surfaces and devices. With the iClam you don't need extra apps for live video or bulky cables. Simply make your videos with your smartphone, and share them anyway you want. Enjoy all of your water sports including diving. Use your camera as a GPS for your off road adventures. It is designed to survive drops on all surfaces and edges less than 3 feet. Complete protection from sand, grit, dust, and mud.



Includes: iClam Phone Case, Chest mount, and bike mount is ideal for attaching your iClam to handlebars, bicycle seat posts etc. You can also attach it to all types of small bars, rails, and tubes allowing you to film or take photos with your smart phone on all of your adventures. Fits from ¾" to 1 ½" (20mm - 40mm) diameter tube.

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