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Jagwier Elite Ultra Slick Stainless Road Brake Cable



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Jagwier Elite Stainless Road Brake Cable. Innovative Elite Ultra-Slick brake cables offer top end performance without the problems associated with coated cables. These cables are a great fit for bikes with full cable housing and modern drivetrains. Uncoated surface means there's nothing to flake off during installation or riding, so it delivers the most durable, consistent performance
Stainless steel wires are corrosion resistant
Highly polished, ultra-slick uncoated surface delivers incredibly accurate, smooth responses Compatible with all performance housing and lubricants

FITS Road/Shim/SRAM, Campy
LENGTH 1700mm
TYPE Elite Stainless

UPC code : 4715910037775 • Shimano/Sram Manufacturer # : 96EL1700/CA4452J
UPC code : 4715910037782 • Campagnolo Manufacturer # : 93EL1700/CA4451