Jagwire Pro Inline Index/Detent Barrel Adjuster



Jagwire's tried and true inline adjusters can be found on millions of bikes from the Coast of America to China and everywhere in between. The Jagwire Pro Inline Index/Detent Barrel Adjuster gives riders easy and safe access for the derailleur adjustments they need to make IN-THE-COCKPIT ADJUSTMENTS on the fly. The Jagwire's Inline Index/Detent Adjusters are installed by cutting the front sections of shift housing and inserting them between the two housing pieces to join them again. Once in place, the Inline Adjusters let you fine-tune the shift cable tension by hand, and even while riding, to dial-in your front and rear shifting. You simply turn the knurled center barrels on the adjusters by hand to tighten or loosen the cable tension. Made from aluminum, and are compatible with 4mm Shifter housing.


Color: Black

Sold In Pairs

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