Jagwire Universal Sport XL Brake Cable Kit



The Jagwire Universal Sport XL Brake kits are the perfect way to bring your style to your bike, all while enhancing braking performance and durability. The additional cable and housing length plus anti-kink end caps are perfect for folding bikes, or any other longer-than-usual build. The Jagwire universal sport Compatible with SRAM/Shimano® mountain and road brakes, our slick stainless cables provide smooth, powerful braking performance. And with all needed parts included, our Universal Sport XL brake kits are easy to install and set to deliver miles of smooth, durable performance. The housing is constructed of CGX Coil-wound steel with Slick-lube liner.


Color: Black

Housing Dia & Length: 5 x 3500mm

Front Cable Length: 2000mm

Rear Cable Length: 2500mm

Includes: (3.5 meters of housing, 2 Slick stainless cables, 4 Open end caps, 2 Anti-kink end caps, 2 rotating hooks, 24G tube tops, 2 cable tips, 3 cable donuts)

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