Kenda BBG Pro UST Tubeless 26'' Folding Tire



The Kenda BBG Pro UST Tubeless Folding Tire features tread patter with unique low profile center knobs for more speed but standard height side knobs for cornering control. The Kenda BBG Pro UST Tubeless Folding Tire is proven already with wins at the 2009 Crankworx Canada Mountain Bike Festival.

DTC (Dual Tread Compound): Low weight and a combination of durable L3R rubber center section and soft Stick-E rubber side knobs.

UST (Universal System Tubeless): Kenda is certified by Mavic to build tubeless tires to the UST (Universal System Tubeless) standards. Tubeless tires offer decreased rolling resistance for easier pedaling. By eliminating the tube, lower air pressure can be achieved and the chances of pinch flatting is eliminated.


Dimensions: 26 x 2.1

Bead: Folding

Compound: DTC

TPI: 120

Color: Black

Weight: 838g

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