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Lazer Helmet Aquapad Front Replacement Pads



Lazer Helmet Aquapad Front Replacement Pads
The Aquapad is made from a "soft solid" material that joins together the 3D deformation of a fluid and the memory shape of a solid to fit perfectly around the head. The use of the material results in a reduction of pressure concentration (pressure points) on the head, which is beneficial for blood circulation. Additionally, the Aquapad allows to reduce skin temperature due to its high heat conduction properties. The reduced skin temperature is desirable as it reduces sweat production. Finally, the Aquapad is shaped such that it prevents sweat droplets, containing salt, from dripping into the eyes which often results in mild pain. 

Z1 / Cosmo SM/MD • PLZ2005660135
Upc: 022255040532

Z1 / Cosmo LG/XL • PLZ2005660964
Upc: 022255040624

All Except Z1 & Cosmo • PLZ2005660963
Upc: 022255040617

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