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Maxima Plush Suspension Fork/Shox Fluid 16oz.



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Maxima Plush Suspension Fork/Shox Fluid 16oz. Advanced suspension fluid for high performance MTB suspension systems. Designed for use in both forks and shocks. Surface active technology eliminates stiction and reduces friction. Lowers the force needed for easy breakaway in the initial stroke of travel. Providing smooth action throughout the entire range of travel. Extend seal life and protect the system from wear and corrosion. Ultra-clean detergents offer smooth, trouble-free operation. Consistent damping action over a wider operating temperature range. Proven in XC, Enduro, All Mountain, DH and Freeride. Optimized for today-s sophisticated suspension systems.

SIZE 16 oz.
CATEGORY Suspension Oil
TYPE Bottle
WEIGHT: 3, 5, 7, 10 wt.

851211003676 3 WT. Manufacturer # : 55-53916
851211003713 5 WT. Manufacturer # : 55-54916
851211003751 7 WT. Manufacturer # : 55-55916
851211003799 10 WT.Manufacturer # : 55-56916

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