Milkit Compact Tubeless Refill Kit



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Milkit Compact Tubeless Refill Kit. MilKit products make your tubeless life easier. Our innovative solutions redefine the way tubeless tires are installed and how you handle your sealant. Install tubeless tires easily and without a mess: add sealant after tire is fully installed.
Measure and refill sealant without having to release air from the tire.
Valves don't get clogged by sealant anymore.

Kit consists of two valves and a measuring/refilling syringe
Measure and refill sealant without having to deflate the tire completely
A rubber flap prevents sealant from filling and blocking the valves
Valves are compatible with most tubeless compatible rims

Valve Size Available: 35mm, 55mm, 75mm

35mm • VENDOR ITEM # 7629999029255
EAN: 7629999029255

55mm • VENDOR ITEM # 7640174460014
EAN: 7640174460014

75mm • VENDOR ITEM # 7640174460021
EAN: 7640174460021