Mr Tuffy Bicycle Tire Liners Twin Pack

Mr. Tuffy


Do you want to ride, or push your bike? Mr.Tuffy bicycle tire liners guarantees no more flat tires ever!! Mr.Tuffy bicycle tire liners helps protect and prevent your bike from punctures, and flat tires making your bike rides worry-free. Made from durable and lightweight urethane Mr. Tuffy bike tire liners provide a protective layer between the outer tire and inner tube. When a thorn, or a piece of glass attempts to penetrate Mr.Tuffy liners comes up against the surface and pushes the object away. Mr. Tuffy is gentle toward inner tubes, but also has an even tougher side that's nastier to thorns, glass nails, and road debris the nemesis of every bicyclists. Mr. Tuffy liners are color-coded by size for convenience and is available in sizes to fit most bicycles. Weight conscious? Ultra-lite liners weigh 50% less than regular liners



Size: See Drop Down for Options

Includes: Two rolls of Bio-Degradable tire Liners

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